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 Sundo and Radiation Exposure Damage < back 

The accident of Japanese nuclear power plant by earthquake and Tsunami scared all people in the world about radiation exposure.

If you know how Sundo practicing is good at lessening the damage from radiation exposures, would you start practicing Sundo from today ?


1. Why radiation exposure is dangerous ?

When TRL4, a kind of protein in our body, detects any bacteria or virus invasion to our body, it increases the number of neutrophils, a kind of white blood cells, and captures the bacteria until newly generated reactive oxygen can kill them. Therefore, reactive oxygen is essential to kill bacteria, which is essential for the function of our immune system, but, the problem is radiation exposure will break our body immune system and make lots of reactive oxygen, even though there is no bacteria invasion. The reactive oxygen is very unstable one, and will be combined at anything nearby quickly, while it kills the cells and creates many kinds of fatal damages to the cells of our body.

We want reactive oxygen only for the purpose of killing bacteria, not for killing our normal cells. Therefore, unless we control the reactive oxygen very carefully, it will be extremely harmful to our health.

2. How we control such harmful active oxygen ?

There has been lots of research about reactive oxygen in the world. Doctors are now understanding a lot about it.

a. Autonomic nerves control the balance between sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve. Sometimes energize more sympathetic nerve but sometimes more parasympathetic nerve. it is a very delicate control.

The best way is not to make unnecessary reactive oxygen at all. Reactive oxygen is made when sympathetic nerve is energized when he/she was excited, angry, sad, stressful, tired by hard working, and etc. Therefore, if we stimulate the parasympathetic nerve intentionally, it will stimulate sympathetic nerve to calm down, peaceful mind with deep breathing, and it will suppress the creation of reactive oxygen.

b. To remove the already made active oxygen.

Our immune system also is ready to make HSP(Heat shock protein) in our body when our body has been exposure by radiation, and it will promote to produce Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an anti-oxygen enzyme at our organs.

And it neutralizes the reactive oxygen. The problem is when we age, over 40, its level decreases, and it is not enough to remove all the reactive oxygen by radiation exposure.

c. We need extra SOD to fight against active oxygen.

Most of the plants are growing well under the hot Sun which generates lots of ultra violet(UV) rays, because they can produce enough SOD for themselves.

Even if we eat such natural SOD through consumption, it is not shown to be beneficial.

Vitamin C or E is also a very good anti-oxidant, and it works well in the labs during experiments, but actually when we try it to the real patients, it doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t matter whether it is made by natural raw materials or by man made chemicals.

Because, all of them become ineffective in the stomach, before they reach to our cells.

Many pharmaceutical companies tried to make such anti-oxidants but so far only one Japanese Doctor, Niwa Eukie, succeed to make an effective one.

d. Exercise

Proper exercise will be good for health. But don’t over exercise than normal, because it will create reactive oxygen. Sudden exercise is also bad. Slow and steady exercise at the appropriate level, is the best way to create the anti-oxygen enzyme, SOD.

3. Diferent kinds of active oxygen.

There are 5 species of reactive oxygen, and among them, peroxide, OH, is the most unstable and powerful to kill cells or damage DNA of cells, or create many kinds of diseases.

4. Why does it happen?

a. It is produced in the process of metabolism. Mitochondria is the factory of producing energy in every cell by using nutrient and oxygen. In the process, reactive oxygen is produced as unwanted byproduct.

b. Once bacteria is detected, white blood cells are activated and then reactive oxygen are produced to kill the bacteria. If there is small number of reactive oxygen left, then our immune system can remove them, but where there are too much left, it will damage our cells.

c. UV ray, Radiation ray, agriculture pesticides, insecticides, and cigarette smoke also will create reactive oxygen a lot.

5. Sundo practicing and stimulating parasympathetic nerve

Sundo practicing is an exercise of stretching and deep breathing. It is in slow motion, but uses whole body with over 500 different postures of stretching. It helps to keep balance of our body, and autonomic nerve system. Generally speaking, it is more oriented to stimulate parasympathetic nerve, by deep breathing and peaceful mind. The more we learn and practice the Haenggong, we can breath less number of times. It will reduce the amount of oxygen we use and slow down the metabolism, which leads to decreased reactive oxygen production. Great master Cchungsan demonstrated to stay in the deep water for 17 minutes without any equipments. That was possible because he was able to slow down his metabolism.

6. Others

Even if it is a weak Radiation exposure, but with repeated exposure, it can create large damage. We should cautious about small dose radiation exposures like X-rays and CT.


We recommend practicing Sundo everyday, and remove daily created reactive oxygen from your body.

Why would you accumulate it in your body ? 

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