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 Bio-rhythm is the Key of health. < back 

We will be healthy, only if our Bio-rhythm runs properly.

We may believe that we have only one life and die once through whole life of period, but it isn’t true. Our life is actually a combination of 100 trillion individual life of cells that have own birth and die. 100 trillion cells are repeating the cycle of Birth- Grow - Ill- Die, and therefore, we are keep getting birth and keep getting die, during our life time.

The system of human body is so busy to support those cycles of life of the trillion cells. It supplies water, oxygen or nutrient to them, digests over 50 tons of food, creates Hormones or Enzymes etc, sends over 3oo millions of liters of blood to the whole bodies by over 3,000 millions of pumping of heart, 100 millions of breathings, creates over 0.4 trillions of sperms to succeed him, and grows hairs over 10 Km. Besides, it grows bones and nails or mustaches etc etc.

Another important mission of the system is to build up and run the Immune system to protect the cells from virus or bacteria safely and effectively.

Of course, good food, nutritionals or medicines can help the mission, but still the life activity itself shall be remained as the own mission of the cells and its management system.

Therefore, the perfect bio-rhythms of the cells should be the barometer of the health.

Each of these cells is so small and similar each other but different kinds in details which runs by the own bio-rhythms . Most of the matters of the cells are directly controlled by the Autonomic nerve system by already given prescribed data or rules, instead of reporting and waiting reply from brain.

All the systems have been working so accurately for many thousand years, but there is a worry that if there is an error in the system by unknown disturbances, then we will get diseases and big troubles.

Unfortunately, it has been still remained as unknown life area and not controllable by human yet.

Polluted air, food or disturbed electro-magnetic field, causes Error.

Unfortunately, along with the industrialized, we breathe polluted air and eat polluted food more and more, and more of the electro-magnetic field are disturbing our bio-rhythms.

The result is at some circumstances, the immune system of human body attacks human healthy cells, instead of killing bacteria or virus. It is a terror on our cells by the system error.

Doctors don’t know the reason why, but so many patients are suffering or being killed by the system errors. We believe it’s because the bio-rhythms, are disturbed or broken by the pollution. The bio-rhythms of human body is basically a Electro-magnetic field of universe or earth and every cell has own strength level and that is how the blood or information can flow from one cell to another.

The new products like as Cell phones or other products, are releasing lots of electro-magnetic interferences, and it could affect the strength of electro-magnetic field of cells, and may change the flow of energy or blood and eventually change our bio-rhythms of the cells, and lost its missions or directions etc. Although there is no proven study yet but we doubt it strongly.

Smooth and fine Kouksundo Breathing, will awake your disturbed cells to remember the original bio-rhythm you forgot.

If you continue breathing with a peaceful mind and with a periodic smooth rhythm, it will definitely help your cells to remember the original natural bio-rhythms you forgot because of the disturbances by pollutions, and will help your health. If you breathe clean air, or if you stretch whole your body properly, then it would help your health too. But if the breathing is done by force, it may cause another problem to your brain. Always, smooth, quite natural breathing is the best for your health.

Dismiss worldly thoughts from your mind, and let your brain take rest, to be healthy. It helps your bio-rhythms to work properly.

5 senses, ( see/smell/hear/taste/touch ), are working 24hours/7day , to detect every information from outside, and save the information in the brain to manage them properly. It will be huge amount of information. If they are mixed with worldly thoughts, then the brain may not concentrate on critical health issues, but may be tied with those worldly thoughts. Therefore, you must dismiss them all, and the brain will help your cells remember the health related bio-rhythms.

Meditation, Zen, Pray or Heanggong are seeking same one.

Someone says Meditation, someone says Zen, someone says Pray and someone says Haenggong.

If we view them on dismissing worldly thoughts from our mind, we can say they are seeking same one. But once they dismiss them, they all try to fill their own purposed ones in the empty mind.

As we mentioned before, the outside of our mind and body is looked as Static one, but actually it is so busy and Dynamic one inside. And polluted air, food or electro-magnetics are already disturbing our bio-rhythms.

Meditation, Zen, Pray or Haenggong helps our mind not only to keep peaceful and remember the original bio-rhythms, but also reduce the production of active oxygen which is known as the reason of most of modern diseases. ( Please refer my previous writings how peaceful mind can reduce the production of active oxygen. )

If the water surface of the lake, is so quiet, as an mirror, then we can see the shadow of mountains on the lake. If our mind is so peaceful and calm down, then the cells busy working and and energy flow will be reflected at our mind and you can watch it.

Whatever you select one among Meditation, Zen, Pray or Haenggong, it is your choice.

If you dismiss worldly thoughts from your mind, and breathe with smooth and fine rhythms, then you will recover your health forever. 

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