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 Creating Ki energy and Practicing by Levels < back 


Universe energy is the master energy resource of all kinds of energy. It is transformed to many different types of Energy by living things or non living things. Two planets will pull each other, and small one must be merged into the big one. To survive, small one will turn around the big one and make centrifugal force to cancel the pulling power from big one.

Everything in the universe has its matching partner, Positive and Negative, Yin-Yang, to keep balance. This matched pair theory of Positive and Negative, has been known for the Scientists or Philosophers.

Cell is the unit element of all live things. Some life has mono Cell, and some muti trillion cells. If they are together, they will fight each other always. There must be a rule to control or command the cells to stay together in harmony.

When Scientists find a new particle, as they know there must be a matching particle, they tried to find it and eventually they found it. In that way, they found some new small particles or new star in the universe. Now they could believe that even Black hole is another pair of this live things world, and it may have its own life things in the black hall.

We get the energy from the food. The food we ate, would be transformed to Glucose, and then it is transformed to NADH that has high energy, and then Mitochondria will make the Working ATP Energy from DADH. The energy we say normally, is ATP Energy. 

What will be the matching pair Energy of ATP Energy ? As ATP Energy gives us power to act, the matching pair Energy will be the controlling power of the Cells, like as Battery will supply energy to the control system of the car. We can say, it is the Ki-Energy, which is Vital energy, and the matching energy of ATP Energy.

There may be lots of questions for the creation, boost and delivery of Ki.

Basically, it has been transformed from Universal energy in the universe. It is existing anywhere and anytime in the universe. We breathe air not only for the Oxygen but also to apply the pressure to the Danjeon ( it is not a physically existed organ but a meta-physical name as a matching - Negative organ, while Large, small investines are the visible and Positive organ ).

Once Ki-energy has been developed in Danjeon, it will be delivered to the cells through KyungRak which is metaphysical names also and not practically existed, but Ki-energy will pass this path.

We burn gas for running energy of Automobiles, but you need a battery energy to start your car or control all the system. The Gas energy and Battery energy of car, will be same as Working energy and Ki energy of human.

1. Ipmoon Level.   ( 6 months to finish )

Through this Level, you can exercise the Smooth On / Off breathing, to form a Sine Wave with the universe energy in Danjeon, by repeating breathings periodically by the fixed tempo. It is to boost the power of the Universe Energy, by overlapping peak point of the wave on the peak point.

The difference between Exercise and Practicing, is whether it has a enough process to create and boost Ki or not. If Yes, then it is Practicing, if No or very little, then it is Exercise.

The target of this process, is to find the position of Danjeon. The position of Danjeon is different by person, so every one should focus to find own peak point.

Close your mouth, and breathe only by nose. Inhale for 5 seconds ( 4 beats ) and Exhale for 5 secondes ( 4 beats ) by nose only.  Breathe ON, OFF repeat to make a Pulse at Danjeon, and keep breathing with fixed tempo, then Each new pulse will be added on the old Pulse and will boost its power. 

Be careful to enforce power to the lower belly, to on or off your breathing. Do it just smoothly.

2. Choonggi Level.   ( White Belt )  8 months to finish.

It is the Ki Practicing stage, we say the 1st Haenggong.  The target of this process, is to create and to boost Ki at Danjeon.

There is a phrase Chejicheneung = Che(body) Ji (know) Che(body) Neung(can do). 

It means you know what your body is doing, and eventually, you can control your body.  It may be same meaning of “ If there is a will, there is a way."

If you really want to do something, then you will make your body will follow your mind.

There is another word, Naekwon = Nae(Inside) kwan(watch) = See inside by your eye of mind. What is the eye of mind ?

You may not catch small signal or change of your Danjeon, unless you concentrate on it. Chejicheneung or Naekwan is necessary, not to miss those small signal or change of your Danjeon. You need to drive your mind to see what’s happening at Danjeon, then you will see Ki moving eventually.

You can extend your breathing to inhale for 6 beats and hold for 2 beats, to exhale for 6 beats and hold for 2 beats. ( 8 beats is same as 10 seconds. )

To help your Ke moving, you better lift your anus up to inside, not to leak your Ki through the anus.

3. Kungon Level.   ( Yellow Belt )   180 days to finish.

The target of this process is to make more more powerful Ki, at Danjeon.  After practicing this level, you may feel some Vital Energy, clear vision, refresh your brain or forgetting fatigue.

Now please try to wind Ki at Danjeon

The first step of winding Ki, may be enforcing your anus to inside, during Hold time, and try  to wind the Ki in the Danjeon.  The winding direction will be  Upward -  Inside to Outside - Downward - Outside to Inside --  Repeat circulation.

Your breathing tempo should be slowed more and 5-5-5-5 seconds each, for inhale, hold, exhale and hold time. But don’t try to hold your breath longer than you can, it is dangerous for your brain. Just release breathing if you can’t hold it. You may try just 10-20% more than you can do. 

The boosted Energy, Ki, is moving along the Kyung and Rak paths to the cells, which are the meta physical name of path from Danjeon to cells of our body. Then mitochondria in the cell, produces Viatal Energy, from the Ki. And the Vital Energy will control Working Energy, to make maximum  efficiency.

4. Wongi Level. ( Red Belt ) ( 900 days of practicing is required to finish this Wongi Level. )

This process will be the stage of fully re-forming your whole muscles and Joints of your body. Therefore, it is a very tough and painful process, but you will eventually make strong Ki, to boost your powerful Vital Energy. ( 12 postures/step x 30 days/step  x 30 steps/Wongi = 900 days )

Your breathing tempo will be slowed to 10-10-10 seconds each for inhale, hold, exhale and hold time. Along with your practicing, you may extend it to 20-20-20 seconds each, but it will be extremely difficult. It is not a mandatory but an optional breathing by person. Many people of Wongi level, are actually breathing 10-20-10 or little bit longer. You better find comfortable breathing of yours nearby here.

If you can make it, then you will enjoy long life up to 300 years old, and have a strong immune system, and can keep young and beautiful skin. It will be a stage of becoming a guru. 

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