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Some Changes in your Body and Mind

Certain transformations in body and mind are supposed to happen for those who practice regularly. Normal changes are the purpose of practice, but some abnormal change could occur if the practitioner does not follow the instructions exactly.

Normal changes:

- feeling refreshed
- feeling light and flexible
- feeling hunger easily; effective digestion; passing gas & belching
- sweat on the hands and feet
- easy excretion
- normalized heart beat
- recovery from disease
- feeling heat at the Danjeon for those with more Yin energy
- feeling cold and/or diarrhea for those with more Yang energy
- feeling slight vibration in body

Abnormal changes:

- pain in diaphragm
- heavy feeling at stomach area
- headaches
- eye fatigue
- overall fatigue

Other changes

- disease could become worse before being healed by the natural force of Ki
- people with high blood pressure should avoid performing headstands and certain other exercises

Normal changes at the Advanced Level

- recovery from disease
- gray hair turning black again
- skin blotches disappearing
- skin becoming healthier
- weight problem resolved as weight becomes normalized
- feelings of powerful physical strength
- feeling peaceful and balanced
- becoming generous and sincere

Abnormal changes at the Advanced Level

- experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations. This psychic phenomenon happens due to the intense focus of the mind during practice. Practitioners should be careful not to be misled by these phenomena and should consult with instructors.

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