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 New Explanation on uSundo/Kouksundo < back 

( Note) This is one of the possible explanation on uSundo/Kouksundo.  And it doesn't insist that this must be the only True one over many other writings so far.  I believe everyone can have own understandings on what is your mind, and what is your Ki. 

1.Real  World

Why do we practice uSundo/Kouksundo ?

Seniors may concern Health issue greatly, and their wish may live long with healthy or without pain, until they die, while the young people rather want a strong power to beat others, or beautiful skin.

a. Enhance blood circulation and flexibility of your muscles. 

    Stretching is the most important exercise for health. It will relax your body and enhance blood circulation. It also help Ki moving along KyungRak ( explain them later ). uSundo has more than 400 kinds of Stretching Postures and covering most of the musclesto train.

b. Clean and beautiful Skin, looks younger, and live long without diseases. 

   Your breathing will be slower and slower, when you exercise everyday. Breathing quietly and peacefully is important for mind concentration. The Active oxygen also will be reduced by the reduced metabolism. That is good for your Skin health, or other diseases. 

c. Healing Arthritis, Rheumarthritis and Depression. 

    Aged people who worked so hard before, work to hunker down or  to lift heavy boxes all the time, are suffering for Arthritis, Rheumarthritis or Depression.  We also can see such case from the masters of Taekwondo or Akido, who had stretched their arms and legs with big forces to the joint, all the time.

  Typical prescription from Doctor, are not to lift heavy boxes, or not to hunker down, but     doctors recommends to do exercises such as walking or swimming. Professor Bae, of  Hanyang university , Korea, who is the expert on this field, recommended Tai-chi, because their postures are always slow and flexible, compared to the restrained Taekwondo. But if he knew uSundo/Kouksundo, then, we believe, he must recommend uSundo/Kouksundo instead of Tai-chi, because it is organized better and showing good effectiveness to many of the patients.  

d. Positive and aggressive characters  

    If you are healthy, then you can smile all the time, and if you smile all the time, then you will   be healthy. Practice uSundo/Kouksundo everyday morning, with peaceful mind, then your will be a positive and aggressive person.

e.Super power

   uSundo/Kouksundo, is neither to fight others, nor to create super power. It is for developing flexibility and balancing of your body or for developing Ki at your Dancheon.         The real fighters are never getting training of any martial arts, because they know the Speed to hit Vital point is important. Their eyes are so sharp and body is very fast to blow, and never miss the chance of hitting first. They fly as light as a butterfly and stings the vital points as exactly as a bee. It makes a huge power, even if they didn’t apply big force. See the following Law of Force.

Everybody can make big power than he thought. Hold your breathing and stretch your arms or legs for extremely short time. Then the power should be very big.

(  f = ma  ; If a is big, even if m is small, but  f should be a big one. m is mass, a is                  Accelerating  speed, and  f is power  ).

2.  Meta-Physic world

 uSundo/Kouksundo is to train your body and mind.

 Training your Body is possible by Stretching or weight training. Stretching will encourage Ki and blood circulation, and increase muscle flexibility. Weight training will add power to the muscles. It is the facts in the Real world.

But training your Mind is the words of Meta-Physic world. We must define about Mind, Ki, Dancheon or other related words, to explain how we train our mind.

To conclude, training mind is including concentration of mind, and is possible by only Dancheon Breathing, which builds up Ki at your Dancheon. Concentration of mind is the most important to build up Ki. Close your eye, and breathe quietly. Think nothing but feel as if you are falling down into the deep deep black hole. Then the Ki in the Universe, will come through your Myungmoon (meaining - Life enterance), where is located at the other side of Dancheon in your back. 

When your breathing is calm down, then it will go slower naturally. And the oxygen supply will be reduced, but as your metabolism is also decreased, and your brain is in state of Meditation, therefore, you feel very comfortable for the situation. Now, the reduced metabolism will reduce the production of Active oxygen which is the resources of all diseases. This is the reason why Dancheon breathing is good for your health.

a. Body, Mind and Ki

    Every material in the universe is basically a combination of small particles - Neutrons, Particles. Many particles combines to make an Atom, and the combination of Atom make a new particle Molecular, which has own property of matters each, and the combination of Molecular become a Cell – which is the simplest life. The combination of Cells, can make Human Body, a mere Hardware.

All of these particles have own Electro-magnetic level of Energy, originated from the smallest   particles. And that energy of Human body, makes Mind, or Vital life, or Software which has features and functions to controls it’s body. Molecular is not a life one, but once many of Molecular combined, then it has a Life.

How is it possible ?

Think the Semiconductor. If it is alone, it is only a semiconductor. But if they are combined and organized in multi millions pieces, and if we apply proper power, then it handles information and become a Computer. It happens to the Molecular too. Body is a physical combination of 10s of billions of Cells.  It’s another partner, Mind is the Electro-magnetic level energy of those Cells, and it’s pattern or functions has been come down from  the ancestors, in form of DNA.  Mind controls Body, but to do that, it needs Energy, and Ki is the very energy for the Mind.  We need to supply Ki all the time to the Mind.

There are Air and Ki in the universe. We can breathe air by nose, and lung can filter oxygen from the air and use the oxygen for the metabolism.

b. Dancheon.

    It is located in the area below the belly button, the other side of Myungmoon. It is not an physical  organ, but an area to store Ki. Dancheon breathing is the name of process to absorb and store Ki at the Dancheon. Please see the section of “ Ki “.

c. Dancheon Breathing, Skin Breathing or Ki Breathing.

   When we breathe quietly and peacefully by Nose, we inhale Air mostly, but Ki is looked like coming through Myungmoon, not Nose. The meaning of Myungmoon is the Entrance of Life. The reason why they named it as Myungmoon, is because it is the actual Entrance of Ki. In that reason, Dancheon Breathing has been called as Skin Breathing or Ki Breathing together. And we can feel cool at our Myungmoon, when we breathe.


    How can we let our brain rest without stopping completely but partially and safely  ?           The answer is Meditation. Dancheon Breathing is not for Meditation. But once we do Dancheon Breathing, then our Mind will be so peaceful, and calm and can breathe slowly, which is same situation as Meditation. 

e. Ki

    It is the energy for Mind. Therefore, if  Ki is exhausted, then we will die. That means,  we should try Ki not to dis-charge completely all the time. When a life was created, it got the         very initial Ki from mother in her womb, and it is used to activate it’s organs. Then, when it is born, it absorbs the Ki for itself from universe by it’s Myungmoon ( mentioned above that is is the door of Ki to enter) and is located at the center and lower of back, right upper of hip, opposite side of Dancheon. When we are getting fairly big amount of Ki from universe, then Dancheon goes to be warm. 

f. Internal Practicing

   It is another name of the process to build up Ki, by Dancheon Breathing.

g. EumYang 5Haeng

    EumYang 5 Haeng ( Eum=Negative, Yang=Positive, 5 Haeng=5 kinds of Practicing ) is the core of the Asian philosophy. The concept is that everything in the universe is either Eum or Yang, and has one spirit of 5 Haeng - Water(Soo), Fires(Hwa), Tree(Mok), Metal(Kum), Soil(To).

Let say, if there are Water spirit in the name of A, and Fire spirit in the name of B, then A will win over B, because Water will put off the Fire. This is a very simple example, but is the base of Fortune tellers, knowing about the future of anything by studying the spirit in their names. 

They matched each organ of our body to one of 5 Haeng by it's role - Kidney is Water, because it handles water(Soo) in our body,  Heart is Fire(Hwa) because it is warm, Liver is Tree(Mok) because it is cleaning poison .. etc. 

Now they tried to understand how organs are working on others, by the rule of 5 Haeng. If any organ is not working for other organ by the rule of 5 Heang, then it will cause disease. Therefore, they tried to exercise the organ from outside by force - That is the reason why they developed uSundo/Kouksundo postures.

Namely, every uSundo/Kouksundo posture has rule of stretching which one first and which one later. It plays to send Ki from A to B, to correct the working of organs. Back music or Beats are not main of exercise but they are helping postures to play easily. Perhaps, it was a huge efforts to make such many posture, but Kouksudo has been succeeded for a thousand years, through many of trials and errors.

In Korean herbal medicine, Head should be cool always, and Feet warm. To make it, they tried to make SooSungHwaKang  (Soo=water, Sung= rising, Hwa=Fire, Kang=down) which means Cool water Ki should go up to Head and warm head Ki should go down to the feet. This is the basic rule of health. 

h. KyungRak ( Meridian ) and Hyul ( Acupuncture point )

    In Korean Herbal medicine, they believe there are meridians in human body where the Ki moves along the lines. Hyul is the crossing point of meridians and is for Acupuncture point. Meridan is a highway of the Electro-magnetic particles,  by it’s strength, from high to low level,  for Ki to pass  on it. Mind can control starting from where and arriving where etc. If there is some disturbance in the meridian highway,  it causes trouble or make diseases. If we put a metal needle, Acupuncture, on the Hyul, then all Electro-magnetic array of Meridan, will be reset, because the metal needle works as ground. This makes a chance to start newly for the Electro-magnetic array, in good order, which cures the problem and this is the theory of Acupuncture working.

3.   Legendary world.

  It may be a fiction or decoration on Kouksundo by successors to look more powerful one.

         Cchungsan Sunsa, Cchungwoon Dosa, Mowoon Dosa.

         Doin, Dosa

         Super power

         Skin breathing

         Lift body to the air

         Distance talking    ....

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