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 Dr. J is a retired medical doctor who underwent a Kidney transplant < back 

(Newswire= Los Angeles) Sep. 31, 2011 -- Dr. J is a retired medical doctor who underwent a Kidney transplant in 2000. After the operation, his physical conditions were good until his blood pressure was increased too high at 2005. He took pills to control high blood pressure.

When he did lower abdomen breathing for himself at home, the high blood pressure was controlled, even lower than normal, so he started Kouksundo from Aug., 2008 to learn it more professionally.

Following is the interview with him for about how he has exercised and how his condition is.

Age    : 78 years old.

Starting Date : Aug. 2008

Level : The 2nd part of Wongi. Red-Blue belt.

He started Kouksundo from very entry level and went next level one after another. He continued his exercise not only at the Gym but also at his house too. Slowly, he could recover his health back and eventually could feel almost free to do most of the postures of Kouksundo.

Followings are the list that he has experienced.

1. He can freely bend or twist whole body at any angle.

2. He relieved constipation completely and his pot belly was sunk down all the way. His gas is not terrible for smell anymore.

3. He recovered appetite and regained his vigor. He is energetic for practicing Kouksundo.

4. He wakes up 4-5 am in the morning, and does the Lower abdomen breathing as well as other postures of Kouksundo.

5. His favorite posture among daily practicing postures is pressing Samumkyo-Hyul by 2 thumbs. Samumkyo-Hyul is the place of 2 inch up from inside of ankle, and puts one thumb on the other thumb and press the Samumkyo-Hyul. By this posture, he could feel warm at lower abdomen, and feel comfortable. He could sleep well at night and can get up early in the morning.

6. He does periodical check up at the hospital, and gets good data of keep improving.  Somehow, His face becomes clean and white again, and enjoys an energetic life again.

His comment :

There is no doubt that Kouksundo practicing is good for your health. But he wanted to tell you who are suffering for your poor health

1. As Kouksundo is a Ki practicing exercise, you must control your mind being peaceful, before exercise. If you are thinking too much, excited or disturbed by misc, then your breathing will not be smooth or quiet, so the Ki will not be created. Try to think nothing, or forget everything, as much as you can. It helps.

2. More important thing is to trust Kouksundo and continue to practice until you feel good signal from your body and mind. It will take time, but it will come eventually, if you wait it.

( Followings are not spoken by Dr. Joo, but Administer of )

In the nature, human has evolved to survive against all kinds of diseases, but they have been threatened by pollutions, stresses, newly changed Viruses or obesity, etc. As those threatening are too big and overwhelm the immune power of human, they become to lose Vitality or Energetic life, and are suffering a lot to live.

The reasons why we lose vitality or getting disease, are too many and too much complicated, so they are mostly unknown yet by the modern medical science. Therefore, it is impossible to cure them all… It doesn’t mean we should follow the folk remedy either.

Most of the doctors recommends soft aerobic exercise, and breathes clean air with peaceful mind, not to create too much active oxygen, whether they are sick or healthy. That is not enough, but it makes sense some.

Wind flows along with the low pressure trough, which is invisible, but if there is some huddle to stop wind, it makes an irregular pattern like as whirlwind. Same as wind, we believe there may be a path or trough for Ki at our body too. If the trough of Ki, is blocked by fat or by other reasons, we may get diseases. Therefore, we need to exercise to clean the trough of Ki and those are the postures of Kouksundo.

Thousands years ago, people made a map on our body, and put name as xxxd Kyung which is “ longitude” of earth, vertical line of our body, and yyyRak which is “ latitude “ of earth, horizontal line of our body. And they put name as zzz Hyul, which are the crossing points of all Kyungs and Raks.

They found that if they press zzz Hyul, then a specific organ in our body gets the signal, along with the Kyung and Rak map. This knowledge has been very interesting, and has used for making Kouksundo postures. Now you’ll understand how Kouksundo is helping your health. must work But our organs must work first to make energy from daily food. If not, we can’t get energy from the foods. Where did they get the energy to start our organs?

We should get the energy from the universe at the beginning, to start our organs. Then the organs can digest the food and get energy to live. There is universal gravitation in the universe, and it transfors to the gravity of earth, potential energy, moving energy or heat energy etc, etc., by situation. 

If we breathe, we inhale Wongi ( Prime energy of universe ) with air, and it will go down to Dancheon (lower abdomen). And it will be transformed to Ki in the Dancheon. Ki is a kind of energy but “vital life energy “which is different from the energy from food. In other words, Ki is like a Battery energy which makes ignition on the car, and food energy is like the Gas energy of the car.

Koreans believed if the Ki is exhausted, then we would die. Sleeping or taking rest will help to refill the Ki again, and practicing is a special way to Fast Refill of the used Ki. 

Frankly, it is not scientifically proved that the Ki came from universe energy. Whether actually Ki came from universe or not, or Lower abdomen breathing can accumulate Ki in the Dancheon or not, but one clear thing is Kouksundo practicing is good thing for improving health. Many people agree with that.

(Note 1) About the trough for Wongi of universe - Please refer “ uSundo and its theory “


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